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Wholesale Product Catalogue.

GORILLA GLASS:- Wholesale smoking products.
Smokers products and accessories-Glass water pipes and accessories.


TO PLACE ORDER Please call 800 644 0078  or  email-   gorillaglass@gmail.com


hand pipes

  insideout glass pipes, glass novelty pipes, liquid filled pipes, glass color change pipes, glass economy pipes,
glass sherlock pipes, glass blunts, glass chillums. metal bats. decorative and plain glass steamrollers.

hand bubblers

  insideout glass hammer bubblers, sherlock bubblers & sidecar bubblers.
many styles and colors. measured by weight or size.

animal pipes

  The Zoo. large selection of glass animal pipes
including elephants, dragons, dolphin, shark, giraffe
and many many more. this inventory is constantly changing.


water pipes
  conventional water pipes with grommet and slide configuration.
glass on glass water pipes and percolators.
many sizes and color combinations. zongs, twists and donuts.


water pipe
  these accessories are for rubber grommet or o-ring slider configuration. slides & bowls with o-ring, downstems with grommet & seals.
also a selection of rubber grommet to glass on glass adaptors and adaptors for concentrate oil use.


glass on glass
  clear and colored glass on glass bowls. insideout glass on glass bowls.
10mil, 14mil, 19mil. quantity discounts.
  glass on glass
  tree ashcatchers, honeycomb ashcatchers, showerhead ashcatchers. inline percolators.
many styles, colors and sizes.
  glass on glass
  diffused glass on glass downstems. low profile downstems. showerhead downstems.
reducers, expanders, male to male converters, female to female converters, male to female converters.
  concentrate oil
  glass on glass water pipes with male fitting for concentrate oil use. also male to female converters. glass nails, quartz nails, titanium nails. regular and domeless nails. oil extractors. large selection of all size adaptors and converters.
& ceramics
  acrylic bubblers, acrylic steamrollers, acrylic honeycomb percolators. ceramic pipes, ceramic water pipes. gas masks. metal slides and downstems.
  metal pipes   metal pipes, steel pipes, anodized aluminum pipes. sneaker tokes. stealth pipes, magnetic pipes, flashlight pipes, auto dash pipes.
replacement metal covers, bowls and replacement parts.
  wood pipes
& dugouts
  wood pipes, wood pipes with covers. plain wood dugouts, colored wood dugouts, snap its. replacement metal and ceramic cigarette bats
  grinders   alluminum grinders, steel grinders, wood grinders, plastic grinders, novelty grinders. 2 part, 3 part, 4 part, 5 part. plain and designed.

rasta clothing
& accessories

  rasta style hats, belts, scarves, bags and other black.red,yellow,green accessories.
  digital scales   digital jewelry scales, 0.01 gram accuracy, 0.1 gram accuracy. postal scales.
& vaporizers
  mini hookahs and regular hookahs. one hose and two hose. hookah charcoal, hookah screens, hookah hoses, hookah cones.
digital vaporizers and replacement whips.
  bags, safe cans
& nug jars
  glass nug jars, stash cans, soda cans, beer cans, energy drink cans, snack cans, water bottles, hidden wall safes, wd40.
  incense   incense sticks and cones. nag champa, vampires blood, patchouli, salvia, cannabis, opium. mixed boxes of incense sticks and incense cones.
incense burners, aromatherapy oil burners, oils and air fresheners.
& ashtrays
  handheld torch lighters, disposable lighters, refillable lighters, rock n roll lighters, windproof lighters. novelty ashtrays and cigarette cases.
  3D puzzles
& games
  something to do to keep idle hands busy. 3D Puzzles are a fun, interactive educational tool.
DIY, no glue, no tools. Cultural, collectable, decorative. Fade resistant, non toxic.
  rolling papers and rolling machines. zig-zag, randy's, flavored papers. hemp wick, pipe cleaners, 420 cleaner, de-tox, synthetic pee.
glass screens, metal screens, plastic baggies.

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Wholesale smoking products-Glass water pipes and accessories-Smokers products and accessories.
We have a large selection of glass pipes, metal pipes, wood pipes, acrylic pipes, glass on glass water pipes, Pyrex tubes, percolators, glass bowls, glass ashcatchers and accessories for glass water pipes, digital scales, grinders, storage bags, incense.

We have heavy insideout pipes and inside out bubblers. Various styles of high quality glass color change smoking pipes. Beautiful soft glass water pieces with borosilicate bowls.  Metal & Wood pipes. Acrylics & Ceramics. Herb Grinders, Stash Cans & Bottles, Scales, Novelty Lighters, Incense, Jewelry.

All photographs are only a representation of each item.
We ship in mixed styles and colors from our inventory.


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All products sold as wholesale, for retail distribution.
Minimum order, 12 items AND $150.00

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